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iPad, Pages, and Google Docs, wonderful combination
iPad, Pages, and Google Docs, wonderful combination

iPad, Pages, and Google Docs, wonderful combination

If you are one of the wonderful schools or school districts that have deployed the use of iPads in classrooms, here is something that you can use to have students turn in their homework/classwork without having to manage 150 emails from all the different students.

  1. Create a Google account to be able to access Docs.  Do not use your personal Google account.  Create another one using your work email as the username.
  2. Once you have created your Google account, your pretty much done.  If you want to organize where students can upload their materials then do what I did her and set up some folders.Screen shot 2011-01-23 at 8.34.48 AM.png
  3. This step is for you Google Docs freaks like me that cannot live without it.  If you are only going to use the new Google account that you just created then you can skip down to step 4. Now if you are anything like me and would absolutely hate switching from your personal Google Docs account back to your new account you just created just to be able too check your students work, then share the folder or folders with yourself and then you will never need to leave your personal account.
  • Right mouse click and select "Share… –> Sharing Settings".
    Screen shot 2011-01-23 at 8.40.29 AM.png
  • In the popup box enter your personal Google account email address and click "Share". Screen shot 2011-01-23 at 8.40.39 AM.png
  • Keep in mind that when you share a folder any subfolders/files that it contains will also be 

  • Once you have clicked "Share" login to your personal Google Docs account.  On the left towards the bottom you will see a drop down "Folders shared with me".  If you click that you will see the folders and subfolders that are being shared with you.  Now you can see all of the files that your students upload to Google Docs from within the Pages app on the iPad.Screen shot 2011-01-23 at 8.46.43 AM.png

  • Now comes the time to setup the iPad to work with the WebDAV.  In the Pages app create just a simple document or use a document that is already created and click the "Share Button" and select "Copy to WebDAV".  

  • Enter in the following information:
  • I would not give students this information as then they would be able to go to Google and enter it and get into all the documents that students have created, but I would instruct them to not ever click the "Sign Out" button as then you would be logging into 30 iPads on a regular basis and that can get very time consuming.
  • Now your iPads are setup to upload documents into Google Docs.  The only way that you can upload them so far is by selecting the PDF option.  The DOC filetype will not work for some reason.  The bonus about this is that if a student wants to copy another students work that has already been uploaded, they can't as PDFs are not readable in the Pages app.  
  • In conclusion I think this is a pretty good work around for those of you that are using iPads in the classroom.  If anyone has other ideas on how to use WebDAV in the Pages app please feel free to share.

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