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A Principal’s Reflections: Chrome Extensions for Educators
A Principal’s Reflections: Chrome Extensions for Educators

A Principal’s Reflections: Chrome Extensions for Educators

Chrome Extensions for Educators

As a result of being off the entire week for spring break I have had the opportunity to explore the many extensions available for Google Chrome.  These free extensions not only optimize my Internet experience, but also provide a great deal of enhanced functionality to my work as an educator (especially as a blogger).  I have begun to compile a short list of extensions that I am currently using.  Some are popular, but others are relatively new.

  • Google Dictionary:  View definitions as you browse the web.  All you have to do is double click any word on a webpage to view it’s definition.
  • After the Deadline: Check spelling, grammar, and style right in your web browser.
  • bit.ly: Those of us that love Twitter are well aware of this great service to shorten URL’s.  This extension allows you to shorten, share, and and track your links right from your browser.
  • Diigo:  An educator friendly social bookmarking service, this extension allows you to highlight portions of web pages, add sticky notes, archive, and bookmark.  A must have for educators!
  • AdBlock: By far the most popular Google Chrome extension.  It blocks ads from all over the web.
  • CloudMagic: This extension allows for instant searches of your Gmail, Google Docs, and contacts.  You can read more about this fantastic extension here.
  • Google Translate: Translate entire web pages into a language of your choosing with just one click.
  • Click & Clean: This is like having a maid for your computer!  Click & Clean deletes typed URL’s, browsing history, Flash cookies, and other types of online activity.
  • Clip to Evernote:  Many educators use Evernote so it just makes sense that there is an extension to save things that you see on the web right to your account.
  • RSS Subscription Extension: This extension automatically detects RSS feeds on any website you are visiting and allows you to subscribe in one easy click.
  • Docs PDF/PowerPoint Viewer: Get quick, easy access to preview PowerPoint presentations, pdf’s, and other types of documents.  This extension eliminates downloading large files and/or launching another application to view these documents.
  • Chromed Bird: An extension for all the Twitterholics out there.
  • feedly xt: Transform your Google Reader and Twitter accounts into a personalized magazine.
Obviously I am just getting started with Google Chrome extensions.  If you have any thoughts on the ones I have listed please share.  Also, please consider adding your recommendations of other extensions the comments section so we can create a more expanded list.

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