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5 Useful Webtools You Don’t Know Exist – SimpleK12
5 Useful Webtools You Don’t Know Exist – SimpleK12

5 Useful Webtools You Don’t Know Exist – SimpleK12

Have you ever learned about a new (or new to you) tech tool and thought, “Wow — how did I not know about this?”.  Saturday I attended EdCamp Citrus, and experienced this during one of the sessions.  Here is a list of my favorite free lesser-known webtools, all mentioned at EdCamp Citrus’ Web 2.0 Smackdown.

  1. Typewith.me – Collaborate with others in real-time on a document.  Each author can type in a different color, so you know who is contributing what.  Share with others with the unique URL. Click here to learn more about how to use Typewith.me in your classroom.
  2. ViewPure.com – Make sure when you show a video to your class, that’s all you’re showing them! Get rid of the advertisements and comments on a YouTube video – all you need is the link to the video.  I originally heard about this tool from Richard Byrne’s EdTech UNconference Session, and mentioned it at the Smackdown.  Thanks, Richard!
  3. TubeChop.com – Only want to show 2 minute clip of a 10 minute video?  Put the YouTube URL of a video inside TubeChop, and select the part that you want.  When you’re finished, you are given a link and embed code for the cropped version of the video.
  4. Whenisgood.net – Tired of the back and forth that happens when you’re trying to schedule a meeting?  Select on a grid the times that are good for you, then email (via a link) your grid to your invitees.  They choose when they are also free.  Meeting scheduled! 
  5. Fur.ly – Shorten multiple URLs into one, & easily navigate through all your URLs.  The best way to understand is to see an example…click here to view a fur.ly of all the links mentioned in this post.


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