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Scraping Away Debris
Scraping Away Debris

Scraping Away Debris

Working around the house on project are not something that I jump up to do but they are not also something that I will avoid with fidelity.  

Yesterday we had planned two painting projects.  One was to paint my daughters dressers and the other was to paint the back bard door.  My son and I were tasked with the barn door.

I went into this project with quick and easy all in mind.  Brush it off, slap a coat of paint on it, call it good.  That is not what happened at all.  As we got up to the door and started to lay the prep work we notice much of the current paint was flaking and would need to be scrapped off.  I then knew this was going to be a long project.

As I started to scrape away the old paint I started to think about how this relates to the relationships that we build in schools for kids.  As time goes on, we tend to get callused by all of the things that are thrown at us in education.  When we have that callus built up, we tend to not think or hear what people are saying and start to shift our focus to how they are saying without giving any thought to what they are needing from us.

People are like this worn barn door.  Callused.  The only way we can be repaired is if we surround ourselves around people who will help scrape away the callus to help make us anew.

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