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Windshields vs. Rear View Mirrors
Windshields vs. Rear View Mirrors

Windshields vs. Rear View Mirrors

It is ironic that today’s post is about windshields and rear view mirrors and that I wrote this as we are driving in our Explorer that has a smashed rear view mirror and just seconds ago got a chip in the windshield from a flying rock.

The questions comes to mind as we drive down the highway.  Why are windshields larger than rear view mirrors? Forward vision is far more important than the vision that is behind you. While you do need to see behind you to remind you of where you have been so you can use those lessons as growth.

The vision in schools is much the same.  Leaders need to have large windshields in their schools. They cannot ignore the rear view mirrors as those help provide direction as they move forward.

Having a forward vision is great. Nobody wants to follow a leader who has no idea where they are going. People want leaders to have a vision and share that vision with them. They also don’t want a leader who does not use their rear view mirrors.

When I think about the rear view mirrors, it reminds me of what all great leaders do when they enter into a new school. They take the time not to change anything but use those mirrors to see where they are coming from. From there they can use that information to help align their vision.

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