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Keeping up with the chaos
Keeping up with the chaos

Keeping up with the chaos

There are many times that in life things happen that you don’t expect and they add chaos to your life for a time. Could be things related to a home such as a water heater going down, broken water pipe, or roof damage from a violent storm. These are annoying things that happen and you cannot predict when they are going to happen, but you can be prepared for them. These events come like a thief in the night and are prepared to rob you of time, money, and peace. While you all know this and as an adult you prepare by having funds saved up for a “just in case” you cannot save up the time for the “just in case”.

But what happens when something comes into your life that you are expecting? Much like being told in advance that on this day at this time you will be robbed of this amount of money or this amount of time. If you knew that you would prepare for it. Well, I knew, but didn’t prepare.

I unfortunately cannot go into details about the situation at this time as much of it is still unknown and other parts of it are not being released at this time. The point I am getting at is that I knew this was coming. I couldn’t stop it. I couldn’t change it. But I could have prepared for it. While this was not a monetary thing or a time thing, it was a heart thing. I could have spent more time preparing my heart for what I knew was coming. This is not the first time that I have been in this situation.

In November of 2017, my father-in-law passed away. I saw it coming. It was inevitable, but I didn’t prepare my heart for what had happened. It was a sad day when that occurred.

Now what is currently going on is not anything like losing a family member, but it still sad and difficult to process. When things like this occur in my normal, I instantly go to how this is changing things for me. I worry about that. It rattles my foundation. I know that there will be changes for me in this even if they are minor. They could be major, but that is yet to be foreseen.

I guess the point I am getting at is let things fall where they fall. It is extremely time consuming to speculate on how all of the chips will fall when none of them might even include you at all in the end. While doing that it does create chaos in the mind and frankly is a waste of time that can be used to further myself as a father and leader.

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